Art book "An Ode to Me and My Unborn Children" is a durational project that consists of scans, poems and photographs that are set in a paranoiac-like mind narrative and viewed as a parody.


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Ieva Lygnugaryte (b. 1998) is a Lithuanian transdisciplinary artist and poet currently based in Paris, France.

Her works widely explore color, angle, mood and sense of time. The artworks tackle themes such as absurdism, tension, vulnerability of a human ego, sexuality and fragility. Her work is intimate and confessional yet highly political and raises social, cultural and feminist issues.

Ieva often merges the techniques of digital and more palpable medias and mixes them in unexpected ways. Her creative practice includes painting, drawing, poetry, photography and video installations.


Enchancted Landscapes

Group exhibition at the Žeimiai Manor House, Lithuania

An Ode To Me And My Unborn Children


Art Book

Available at CAC Reading Room, Vilnius


Hors de l'eau, dans le sel

Duo exhibition with Kathryn Frey at Plateforme Paris, Paris, France


OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum: Tech for Trust made in collaboration with Kathryn Frey



Synthetic Origin: 8 metamorphosis

"Baroti" art gallery, 23.09 -  Klaipeda, Lithuania


Email:                                   Phone:  +37068169186

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