In collaboration with Elizabeth Hersch. Meudon-la-Forêt, 2018.

"In ancient time the Humans and animals always settled by the water. After visiting this community, it

stuck me that it was built according to ancient ideals of living. The watering hole in the Center. We are trying to explore what really is at the center of this place. Is the beauty coming from physical structure, the people that live there, or the geography its built upon?

                  This community was built around clean lines and rectangular shapes. This place is so quiet, you can hear the old lady praying in the 6th foor and child’s anxiety before coming down the slide for the frst time.

      What traces do these people leave behind? Are they drawn out to the watering hole to foster a sense of community? Are people enamored by the beauty of this place or its functionality. This question is a determining factor in what kind of traces people will leave behind. Or will the place leave a trace on the people that lived here: a blurry snapshot of tall buildings with clean lines, the faint memory of the trees and some people that ocupate the place they use to call home."

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